List three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go

An easy one to start with…

New Zealand

Stunning scenery, untouched natural beauty, stunning beautiful scenery… do you gather my point? I don’t think New Zealand is a place that needs much (if any) explaining. Oh, and I do have family in Auckland. Oooh and Legend of the Seeker was shot there and I love that show!


Home to Björk, Jónsi, Sigur Rós and once again, stunning scenery. This will probably be the first (and perhaps only) place I will actually manage to visit in my lifetime out of the three. Why would you not want to go to Iceland? Unless you don’t like snow of course, but I’m a sledding-and-snowball fan so I’m sorted!


I love love love anything to do with China. Books, TV Shows, films (I’m a huge fan of Gong Li’s and Zhang Ziyi’s), magazines, articles, books… So it stands that I really want to visit there! Oh and guess what? It has stunning scenery.

Of course I would love to think that at some point I will visit New Zealand, Iceland and China but who know’s where I’ll go?


2 thoughts on “List three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go

  1. Not 100% certain about the first two choices there -but I’m TOTALLY with you on China…

    Ps. Please note that I will expect to experience it vicariously through you -if you ever do make it 😉

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