What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010?

This one took no thinking about and considering I saw this topic last night I had plenty of unnecessary time to mull it over.

The most important thing I accomplished in 2010 was finally starting my Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and Oceanography at the University of East Anglia.

You see I’m twenty-one, turning twenty-two (oh goodness!) in March and in terms of ‘traditional’ English higher education I should have already graduated from uni. Yet here I am, just starting it.

My first year after completing compulsory education was spent at a school well below the standard for English secondary schools. Between going to a rubbish school and also moving house twice including on an exam date once let’s just say I didn’t do well. To the extent that my own mother wanted me to leave education altogether and turn my part-time job into a full-time one.

No thank you.

So at the age of seventeen I moved out. Packed up. Said goodbye to parental control and moved into a house-share where my sister was that required me to pay rent every week (hello independence and budgeting!).

Here I went to college for two years. I definitely was doing better than I had before but unfortunately two weeks before my final exams a friend committed suicide and that completely turned my world upside down. Exams didn’t matter any more. I didn’t do too badly in my exams considering the circumstances but I didn’t do well enough to get into university. By this point I didn’t want to go to university anymore anyway. I was in no state of mind for that kind of business.

I worked full-time for a year but half way through that year I realised I wanted a future bigger than what I could achieve where I was. I applied to university extremely late, got a place two weeks later and was set for change.

I started university in September 2009 and for the academic year I studied a science foundation year that allowed me to continue on to Meteorology and Oceanography this year.

So there you have it! There’s hell of a lot more to this excessively long story but you really don’t need to know of the rambles involved.

It’s nice to finally be where I should be! 😀


2 thoughts on “What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010?

    • Thank you!

      We all go through a lot of hardships to get to where we want to be. Although I would definitely have liked to have skipped out on some of mine, they all contribute to the person I am today. 😉

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