Share something that makes you smile.

I’m the kind of person you’ll find smiling most of the time, otherwise I’m munching on pistachios! There are many things that make me smile but I think most people would agree the most common or easiest thing to make you smile is someone smiling at you.

I literally have an endless list of things that bring out my somewhat shy dimples out but I’ll stick with the idea of someone else’s smile making me smile.

I will admit first that not every smile can make me smile. Sometimes I might be in a (rare) mood where I don’t want to smile. Simple enough, sometimes it makes my cheeks ache! But there are other times when those awfully crooked-and-or-bucktoothed British smiles flashed my way make me cringe rather than flash a toothy grin back. And sometimes, just sometimes, I get those odd feeling, slightly stalkerish smiles that make me look in the complete other direction (or shake my head at the ground).

Nevertheless smiles occurring out of those situations will always get me beaming back!

A smile glanced my way (or not even, maybe just in my field of view) brings that little bit of warmness inside that shows itself as my own smile. It can be a fleeting moment of passing someone by, or the aftermath of a long giggle with a good friend, but in either case I simply can’t not smile back!

The ones that truly get my thanks are those days where things might not be going oh-so-well yet a little beam from a randomer reminds me to keep my head up, and most importantly, my smile out.

I hope that whenever I smile it results in someone else smiling and so on and so forth… 😀

P.S. How about you smile at the next person you see?


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