Do you prefer to talk, text message, or a different communication method?

A quick one from the iPhone funnily enough!

I like to both talk and text. They each have their uses and respective functions and in today’s society I don’t think it should ever be a case of either/or but knowing when to use the correct one appropriately for one’s lifestyle.

I will text when I’m already swamped in a busy schedule, when the matter at hand is unimportant or when I’m being polite and responding to someone when I have nothing to actually say.

I will talk when I desperately want to hear the other’s voice, when my life allows me time for such luxury or when it’s a subject that can’t be properly covered via text means.

I definitely use my iPhone for more text-based communications (text messaging, email, Facebook, Twitter etc) rather than the actual phone function. However I always love a good chit-chat with my sister! 😉


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