Are you stressed out right now?

If I’d been asked this question three weeks ago today I would have answered yes.

It was the Thursday of the last week of uni before a four week break. I’d had to study for two exams, one that ended up being postponed and been a major ball of stress for weeks up to this week and even more so during that week.

However I then left town, that very Thursday, to go to my sister’s for Christmas (and New Year’s) and got back from there today. So am I stressed out right now? No.

I had a lovely three weeks and I’ve still got next week off of uni. However I do have a 3000 word independent essay I need to start writing before it’s due in a week on Monday!

I hope not too many people have started 2011 stressed out. Oh and apologies for the lack of a lengthy post – I was travelling for seven hours and I’m a wee bit knackered!


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