Share a story about a memorable job interview

I have ten minutes before midnight and I’m rather tired I have to admit… Once again this will be a short one.

I’ve only ever had one ‘proper’ job interview really. I worked for the same company for four years but within it worked for two very different divisions. The only other job interview I’ve had recently was when I became a Student Mentor through a program at my university.

My first job interview involved a group interview to begin with. At the age of sixteen I was still particularly shy and lacking in confidence. However this particular moment saw me completely stray away from my typical shell and show the world of employment I could be someone within a working team; someone who could be directly instructed but also someone who could also take the reins themselves.

Within the group interview part the most memorable moment was when someone from our group had to stand up in front of the whole room (about thirty odd people) and demonstrate selling skills over a product.

Of course I was the one to do it out of our group and I had to sell an iPod. At this point in my life I’d never owned one (that would change the following summer) and had no idea what I rambled nervously about. I’m pretty sure I was red-faced and shaking through the entire thing. However the interviewers graciously commented positively on my actions.

The second part involved a one-on-one interview and I felt much more comfortable here. The guy interviewing me had been so friendly and put me right at ease. Essentially beyond the normal ‘I’m a hard worker, of strong perseverance and integrity type of soul’ mumbo jumbo it was my smile that got me my job. The guy loved it and put it down as the first thing I had to offer the company.

Two weeks later that guy became my department manager as he was so adamant that I worked for him!

Just the interview itself stimulated a confidence in me I’d never felt at sixteen years of age. The job only furthered this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 😉


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