Describe a recent Aha! moment

Topic #9

I won’t lie, when I read ‘Aha!’ for a moment I thought it meant the band a-ha! (Take On Me, anyone?) Oops! What a numpty of a brain I have. 😉

So having established it’s not in fact about a-ha, uh, I’m a bit stumped. What exactly is an Aha! moment? I mean, I get it, you say Aha! but is there something else to entail exactly what it is? The only reason I ask is that I rarely say ‘Aha!’.

I guess the closest Aha! moment I’ve had recently happened today when I finally found my Buff after being sure I’d lost it. What’s a Buff you ask? Only the coolest, most multi-function headwear you could ever dream of! And they are incredibly comfy and warm.

I actually have a ‘summer’ one – i.e. one without a further fleece part – but it still keeps me warm during a cold snap! With the map of Britain looking like it was in an ice age recently I was desperate to have my Buff keeping my neck warm. However I was away from home and couldn’t look for it there and then and to be honest I’d looked before I went. Many, many times.

So when I came across it today (an odd day of rejigging my bedroom furniture and sorting through everything I own) I couldn’t contain my happiness! I’m pretty sure I shouted out “YES!” and pumped my hand up into the air clutching my Buff tightly.

Although knowing my luck, England will now get progressively warmer and I won’t even need to think about my Buff for another year. We shall see!


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