What do you want to be remembered for?

Topic #11

Hmm, that’s an interesting question. I can honestly say I’ve never pondered that one before. I’m more of a ‘what can I contribute today and this week’ kinda gal. I blame the short attention span.

To be honest I think just being remembered is normally a point of gratitude on its own – providing it’s not for something negative or against you!

I know that most people do remember me for my smile. Apparently my dimples are hard to forget and for one reason or another this makes people happy!

But what do I want to be remembered for? Hmm… I would say being a humble, thoughtful, sweet, listening soul. Whilst my ambitions involve trying to save the planet I would much rather achieve saving the planet than be remembered for it. I want people to remember me for who I am, as an actual person than anything I may come to achieve in my later life.

That, and I wouldn’t mind people continuing to remember me as the Girl Who Smiles (with dimples). 😀


3 thoughts on “What do you want to be remembered for?

    • I think you should write about this one but don’t think of it as an obit at all!

      The first time I read the topic I did wonder what to write – did I really want to think about what people should remember me for after I died? So I flipped it on it’s head; included what people currently remember me for and what I hope will remember me for from now.

      See if you can do it that way too. 😉

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