What made you decide to start a blog?

Topic #14

This blog, or blogging in general?

This blog in particular because I’d already created Gay Pride Blanket but liked the idea behind Post A Day and decided it would be best to keep daily ramblings separate from GPB. I used to write a lot. And then I got old(er), my life got busier and my time vanished. This blog is all about getting me back into playing with the written word. Knowing I’ll have a prompt for every day is what’s keeping me going so far!

For blogging in general, I can’t honestly remember when I first started. I began to play with HTML and CSS in 2003 but websites I created back in those days were just for my graphic work – I never blogged through them. I remember owning a LiveJournal between 2004 and 2005 and hating it, and then I played with CuteNews and eventually self-hosted versions of WordPress.

I have never been a good blogger though. Primarily because when things get tough, I go silent. I’ve never had a full-on purpose for blogging and I think that’s why I always failed. However, I have a specific reason for wanting to do GPB and let’s face it, daily pistachio is just a bit of fun and networking! 😉

Maybe some of you have better answers?


5 thoughts on “What made you decide to start a blog?

  1. As I don’t write about a specific topic, I find it a bit more difficult to decide on what to blog. Stuff that I’m interested in (such as the Fish Fight), I want to research, but that takes time, and time I don’t have a lot of. Then the blog falls silent (again) ‘cos I’m busy researching.

    And time… I think we can all sympathise with the lack of time.

    So, the reason I decided to blog was to get the discipline of writing again. I did a creative writing course, and didn’t finish my story (the short story is getting longer), but I enjoyed writing. Plus I’m not getting to do much at work, and don’t want to loose the skill.

    • Researching is definitely a killer! When I used to maintain a self-hosted install of WordPress I used to go to great lengths to research posts but then never got round to writing them!

      I’d love to do a creative writing course – I’ve always got some story going on in my head when it doesn’t have to be focused elsewhere. 😉

      • I’ve got two stories on the go. I can never seem to finish them. Again, it’s down to the lack of discipline. The story that I started on the course, has now ended up being an epic, and i can see them going over at least three books! Argh!

  2. You are doing a good job of it. I’ve read of top bloggers who started on a whim so the big philosophical reason doesn’t have to be everyone’s motive for blogging… Sometimes we do things just because… 🙂

    • Oh definitely! I think it helps to have a purpose, a reason for setting out but in no way does it have to be this big grand thing! Often the best blogs start from the smallest or simplest of ideas. 😀

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