If you had a time machine…

Topic #15

Going to have to be a very quick, lazy post as I’m exhausted after spending all day on a 3000 word essay!

There are many historical times I would love to be a witness to for just a brief time, to get a real sense of what it was like. Those times include China through many different dynasty’s (I love Chinese history), World War I and World War II (especially the roles women played), somewhere between the days where wars were fought with swords and arrows (Gladiator-esque), and most definitely a time where Science and Art where one in the same and never considered separate identities of study. Now that would definitely be a time period I think I’d appreciate and learn a lot from.

However, I’d much rather not think in terms of travelling to a different time. I guess many people have times they would want to go back to in their own lifetimes and whilst there have been times I would love to change, I don’t like that style of thinking. Hindsight is beautiful but is hindsight for a reason; don’t let it happen again.

I shall be highly intrigued to see what everyone else has written for this one once I’m free from this essay!


3 thoughts on “If you had a time machine…

  1. Have you read Steven Fry’s Making History? I think you might find it interesting. Basically he goes back in time explores what would happen if Hitler was never born. Worth a read when you’ve got time 🙂

    When looking back on my life, there are somethings that I think “if only I could go back and change that” but then, every experience shapes your way of thinking and outlook. And if the situation happens again, at least you are prepared and handle it differently.

    • Ooh no I haven’t read that – and I’m a big fan od Stephen Fry! I’ll keep an eye out for it.

      And I agree with your second paragraph completely!

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