What’s the most important thing you’re putting off?

Topic #20

Without sitting all high and mighty and wonderful, there’s actually very little I’m putting off at the moment! Definitely for the first time in my life – I won’t lie.

I guess the most important thing for me to get on with is writing some fiction. I used to do it all the time (before I blogged) but fell out of the habit years ago. There is always a story running around in my head when I have time to drift into my imagination and I’d like to try to put it to paper every now and then.

Maybe I should use the concept behind Post a Week to get it done on a frequent basis! 😉


2 thoughts on “What’s the most important thing you’re putting off?

  1. I’d say go where your heart calls. I love the daily writing but it is a huge commitment and unless we carve out time to do it, it can get a bit much. I’m looking for ways to make my posts meaningfully short… I definitely hear you! 🙂
    I’m on my vampire schedule today… even if I don’t show up as the posts arrive in my box, I will make the effort to catch up. Don’t count me out yet 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

    • I’ve been struggling to even write the Daily Posts this week! Let alone my own fictional writing!

      And I fell way behind with commenting… oops!

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