Topic #24 – How do you define the word friend?

I actually don’t have one ‘cover-all’ definition or even way of thinking towards friends. What one person can or does do for me and my life will be different from another person who does something equally important. My friends are lovely (even with their indiscretions), kind, sweet, challenging, bold, humble, obnoxious, out-going, shy people. As in, they are human and not only come in a variety of flavours from one another, but within themselves. We all behave differently day-to-day.

I don’t expect anything from my friends. So I can’t define them that way.

I don’t expect to get along with them 100%. Although most of my friendships are argument-free.

I don’t expect to have them in my life for ever and ever. I’ve moved around a considerable amount for someone of my age and have already lost friendships through that. I know it will happen again as my life progresses even more. That doesn’t make any friendship any less worthy. I knew a friend for one day once, and he still remains one of the few people I truly clicked with straight away.

So I don’t have a definition for the word friend, neither for the people I consider my friends. They simply are my friends. 😉

Bonus topic (via NaBloPoMo): What are three things you can do to be a better friend to the people in your life?

Listen. Smile/laugh/hug. Love.

Yes that is three things and not five. English people have a different way of counting… 😉

Listen. Yes, friendships exists on the grounds where one listens and one talks. The best friendships occur when both can listen to one another. So always make sure you’re listening – even if they are ranting for the third time about how annoying someone else is in their life. It’ll pay off when you need listening to.

Smile/laugh/hug. All three are equally important. Smiling (even if it’s a little forced when tired) suggests you do actually care about your friend; that you’re listening and taking in what they are sharing with you. Also it doesn’t half brighten someone’s day! Laugh. Laughter is astounding good for the soul. Laugh with them and you’ll find your friendship suddenly means a lot more to you. Hug. I love hugs. Can’t get enough of ’em to the point I’m always ready to dish one out (a good squishy one too!). All three make a massive difference to how friends will perceive your friendship.

Love. Simple, love them for who they are and who they are not. Everyone has their faults – that’s what makes us different and human. But don’t relish on the negatives, appreciate them for who they are even if they are dorky and a little bit weird. Remind yourself of what they bring to your life especially if it’s a different way of seeing the world and appreciating the differences that exist in it. 😀

I’m extremely lucky to have the friends I do!

Go do.


2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Wonderful points! I appreciate your honest response to the friend question… It means different things to different people. I understand.
    As per the second question, I would offer one, be a friend to yourself first and then open the door to making other friends. 😉
    Have a great week ahead!

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