The Tea Diary: #1 Pukka Supreme Matcha Green


I have been graciously given a box of PG Tips full of tea, but not the PG’s themselves. No, instead I have an assortment of all flavours of tea to experiment with one at a time.

First up is Pukka’s Supreme Matchu Green. A base of green tea with added matcha for a “vital wellspring”. I have no idea what exactly that means for the simple fact I’m a coffee fiend not a tea fiend.

Unfortunately I’ve never been a fan of, funnily enough, tea, especially not green tea. As it happens this blend didn’t change my mind about green tea.

The first sip entailed a brew straight off the teabag, no added extras. As per usual with green tea it was a bitter bland taste. So I tried half a teaspoon of sugar and… it wasn’t any better. Possibly worse. I did just about finish the cup, with a grimace and a half.

Sorry green tea, supreme matcha or not, you’re still not for me.


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