A Storybook Day

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Storybook Day.”

So the prompt is to either spend the day as or the day with your favourite fictional character. I had to think about what my favourite fictional character is, long and hard. And I still don’t actually know who it is, and if I even have a favourite. It’s one of those things that will change through time and currently as I’m not actively watching TV apart from the news nor reading any fiction the only characters in my life are real!

And then the answer came pretty clear to me, that would be the same if you asked me when I was seven, fifteen or even twenty-six now. The Indian in the Cupboard,  the book written by Lynne Reid Banks and adapted to a film in 1995.

I only recently realised quite how much I loved that book and film as a child and all the way through my life. Still to this day I want a cupboard with a little Indian in it, and I’m still determined one day I will. As a young child I massively struggled with reading and writing so when I finally could read independently I couldn’t get my hands on enough books. The Indian in the Cupboard was one of my first achievements and the joy it gave me reading still hasn’t been beaten. As much as book to film adaptations are generally rubbish I’ve always enjoyed the film. The simple imagery of seeing Little Bear or Litefoot with his tiny fire, horse and shelter has always stuck with me.

So my answer to the prompt is that I would like to spend the day with Little Bear in his tiny world.

Now I want to get the book for my Kindle and watch the film!


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