Life’s a Candy Store – 24 hours being 6 years old again

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Life’s a Candy Store.”

You’ve got twenty four hours to be six years old again, what do you do, where do you go and who’s with you?

The place I’m happiest is at the beach so that’s my response straight away to where I would be. It wouldn’t have to be any particular beach but my most favourite is Rhossili Bay in Wales. I hadn’t been there yet when I was six so it depends if future places are allowed! Provided it’s not a pebbly beach I’ll be happy anywhere.

The thing I enjoyed the most was actually being left on my own, just paddling no more than knee deep. I had a plastic tupperware red boat with a clear lid and that was genuinely my most favourite toy. For the simple fact I only got to play with it at the beach, the times I had with it were honestly precious to me. I had string attached to it so wherever I went on the sand and sea, Boatie came with me. I could literally stand for hours just watching Boatie bob with the shallow waves. I found it so relaxing and found myself transfixed, enjoying the sound of the sea. Even now I still feel the same, I just always wish I still had it with me!

Whenever we as a family went on holiday with friends the other kids always wanted to use Boatie to catch crabs. Just once I remember running around with Boatie bouncing along the sand with a poor crab trapped inside. I soon realised how cruel I was being and released it immediately genuinely apologetic for what I’d done. Boatie was never used for crabs again, just the odd bit of sand and shells. Most of the time empty because it was perfect just the way it was.

So if I could, I’d like to be paddling in the sea, with Boatie at my side transfixed as always, calm, mediating.

Not quite me and Boatie, but me and one of my bikes in 2014 at Holkham beach in Norfolk.


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