Mirror, Mirror, On the Blog Wall

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.”

What does my blog reveal about me?

Well from the get go the name daily pistachio is from the Christmas of 2010 when I happily bought myself a 400g bag of pistachios and demolished them far too quickly. I am a genuine pistachio fiend, which is the tagline for this blog. The whole point was to post daily for the Daily Post challenge and pistachio’s were in front of me at the time so got included in the name. They are my favourite nut if you hadn’t gathered!


Fox, and her reflection in the water

In regards to the theme I’ve recently changed it from the original. I’m all about simplicity. And this blog isn’t anything special so the focus is literally on the content. This blog has always been about having images as much as text so the current theme looks far better on the homepage where there is an image included. I probably take one photo a day on average so it’s not difficult to include something. The photos are mostly of my Snow White Bengal (above) or something bike related as that’s my main hobby.

My posts don’t particularly say anything specific about me, obviously I’ve written them and they are all from my point of view. In a word I would say my blog suggests I’m quite an open person. I’ve not got anything to hide, you can ask me anything and I’ll respond if I have an answer. I’m happy to talk about anything and encourage it.

I think that’s about it. I was hoping to blog everyday but over the weekend I was so desperate to get into bed everyday I didn’t fancy posting. The prompts aren’t put up in time for me to do it in the morning and once I’m home from work it’s only really bedtime when I have a chance to get on the laptop. I’ve got the app on my iPad so I could always post from that or even my iPhone. It would be nice to post everyday. Sometimes I don’t have a response to the prompts which added to the lack of posting over the weekend.

I’ve just joined the gym, as my core strength is shockingly weak so expect to see posts related to fitness stuff. If there are any women’s blogs I should follow point me in their direction.



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